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Review: Barry M's "Touch of magic" lipstick

This lipstick is not green. It is pink.

I know what you think: "Is she colorblind??!"
Although it's more and more fashionable to choose pop-out colors for lipstick and I adore it, I only ever tried orange and it didn't look so good on me. After that I stopped experimenting.
Here are two dashing examples for unusual colored lips from Aminta and Zoe. Don't hesitate to hype them!

But what do I mean it's not green?

© Fanni Framboise 2013
Well do you remember those awesome magic markers from your childhood? You know, when you draw something in any color and then with an oh-so-magical transparent marker you draw something all over it. First you can't even see anything because it's transparent but then the lines start to become visible. I loved them so much!

Or did you ever watch an old detective movie or that episode of TaleSpin where they used invisible ink? And it only became visible if they burnt it or under uv-light or whatever tricks they had. I always wanted one for myself! And now that I grew up, finally I got something like that. Never too late, is it?

This lip paint - as Barry M calls it - is definitely magical because despite the looks it's pink. As soon as it's on your lips it starts to react the alkali in your lips and it slowly becomes pink. 
© Fanni Framboise 2013
First it looks like you just applied transparent lip balm or a low-shine gloss. Just when you would get desperate because it doesn't work on you, after about 2 very long minutes it starts to change. I strongly advice you to use more than one layer to achieve better coverage. 

© Fanni Framboise 2013
The shade of it's color depends on the alkali level of your lips so it's different for everyone and every day. Just to be sure you should get a chance to try it first before buying it to prevent any disappointment. When you try it do it on your lips not your hands because the alkali level can be different.
I got it from London, my best friend Gréti was very nice to buy it for me after I fallen in love with it on the Barry M website. You can also buy it online from different places, just google it.

In case the magic is not enough (what a nonsense...) it is very long-lasting. In my experience if you're careful with it in the first half hour you're set for about 4 hours. Of course it depends on what you are eating or drinking in that time. Even when the shine is gone the color still stays on.

To see what I wore this fabulous lipstick with, visit my Lookbook or Chictopia! 
© Fanni Framboise 2013

PS: Did you notice my sunglasses? They are my dad's! Is he cool or what? ;)
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