NAIL TUTORIAL: Aubergine with a touch of gold

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Today I show you how to do this elegant manicure .

I really like this ombre-like style, it is perfectly good with elegant clothes and also has a rebellious feeling to it because all nails are bit different and unique. And that is why it's great for rock and semi-casual looks too. It's even better with longer nails!

Note: This is a textured style, if you don't like textured nails use a different base polish than I did and finnish up with a transparent top coat at the end.

© Fanni Framboise 2013

Products I used:

As base color I used Yves Rocher high shine nail polish, color label says "Aubergine".
I bought it very cheap because Yves Rocher has a lot of promotion and gives out coupons often.
What ♡about it: It gives great coverage, only one coat is enough. It is more shiny than any usual polish. Also it dries amazingly quick.
What I don't ♡about it: The color starts to run if you try to apply a transparent top coat over it. But adding a top coat would probably take most of the shine out too so there is no point to do it anyway. 

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For the golden touch you can use any golden nail polish but I used "Back by noon" from H&M. It was part of a set. To see how the two works together check out Emelie's blog
What ♡about it: Usually H&M polishes are cheap and practical, you only need one layer. This one has a nice dark gold color. 

You will need a makeup sponge too. It doesn't matter which brand you have, mine is totally no-name. They come in different shapes too, it's up to you what kind you choose.
© Fanni Framboise 2013

And it's handy if you have a cotton swab for cleaning up.

Step by Step:

Step 1: 
Apply the purple polish just the way you would with any other nail polish. Be careful you don't have much time for correction because it dries quick.
Note: If you are using a different brand you might need to apply two coats for perfect coverage. Make sure it is dry before step 2.

Step 2:
Take the sponge (I only used a part of it) and put golden nail polish on it. Use one or two layers.

Step 3:
Softly push the sponge against your nail. Always start with the tip, then continue towards the inside. If the polish starts to dry up or run out on the sponge, just put some more on it. Do it slowly so you will have time to get the grips of it. 
Note: For a more ombre look first put a thin layer of gold down till the 2/3 of your nail. Repeat it but only till the half of your nail. Then repeat it again just on the tip of it. This way you will get a gradient look.

Step 4:
Finally use a cotton swab dipped into nail polish remover to clean up around your nails

© Fanni Framboise 2013

This is how I rocked my new nails today!

For more pictures of this look visit my Lookbook or Chictopia!
© Fanni Framboise 2013

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