DIY feather crown tutorial and matching makeup

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Be the star of summer festivals with this unique feather crown!

The headpiece:

Cheap and easy, one of a kind DIY accessory

This is the ultimate accessory if you are aiming for an eye-catching, unique look. Perfect for summer festivals.

I found this great feather collar on eBay several month ago (link below). I love the greenish blueish shine of it but I didn't know what should I do with it, so it was in my drawer for way too long. A week ago we were to go to Harvest of art festival in Austria to see Arctic Monkeys live. As they are one of my favorite bands I wanted to wear something special for the occasion and thats when I found it.

You will need:

Step 1:     If you are using tights instead of a readymade headband (make sure they are not the weakest kind) cut off circa 10 cm (3,9 inches) from the middle of one leg and then roll it so it wont be that wide.
Note: Try it on your head before using it for the headpiece! Only use it if the size feels comfortable! If it feels too small try to cut a smaller peace out of the tights that will be a bit more elastic but be careful because they are more likely to rip.

Step 2:     Fold de collar in two. This will ensure that the feathers stand still and straight up. 

Step 3:    If you sew it: Sew the two sides of the collar together and at the same time to the headband. Be careful it doesn't look very nice if you can see the thread on the outer side. If you pin it: place the safety pins evenly and also make sure that they are not visible from the outside
Note: When you attach them together don't forget that the bands are elastic but the collars are not! It means you should sew/pin them stretched out (and inside-out). If you forget to do that the result can look awkward or it can rip

If you have any question about this tutorial please ask me in email

The makeup:

A review of the products I used for this look


© Fanni Framboise 2013
I used Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick in Burgundy wine (~$49.50).
This is a quality lipstick that gives good coverage and lasts long. The design is great, it has a built in mirror so you don't have to carry one with you. I usually don't buy lipstick that expensive but it was worth it.                  
© Fanni Framboise 2013


© Fanni Framboise 2013

As a primer I used BeYu eye base (~10).
I have to say it's not the best quality of eye bases. When the weather is hot my eyeshadow starts to run, for cold days it works fine.

For the golden part I used Topshop Crayon in Sunshower (~$11.80).
© Fanni Framboise 2013
It is a creamy eyeshadow so it can smudge very easily but it's very effortless to use.  You probably can't see it on the picture above but in reality it shines like crazy, and gives a foil-like effect to your eyes. To prevent the smudge you can use a touch of golden eyeshadow powder over it. Unfortunately Topshop doesn't sell it online, only in stores but there must be a way to buy them on the web.
Note: because of it's creaminess you can also use it on your lips and it can look great! Do you remember Effie Trinket from The hunger games? (I"m not a big fan of red eyeshadow but I love her pink and golden lips!)

For the dark part I used BarryM Petrol Black Dazzle dust (£4.59).
© Fanni Framboise 2013
It is basically a powder that has this most perfect bluish greenish shine all over which makes it the same color as my feather crown. I LOVE this product I use it often and it never runs out because you only need a little bit of it.
Note: Use it with wet brush for an even longer last! It's more hygienic to use eye drops instead of water.

To see what outfit I chose for this look click my Chictopia or my Lookbook!

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